Villas in Saguramo

The residential complex is located in a developed area.

Project condition: green frame, yard landscaping, swimming pool, fence.

Environmentally friendly, high-quality materials are used during construction. 6-chamber 30-centimetre block. Heat insulation and antifreeze materials.

N1 villa: 278 sq.m. Pool - 28.9 sq.m. Land area: 747 sq.m. finished

N2 villa: 289.6 sq.m. Pool - 24.9 sq.m. Land area: 734 sq.m. finished

Villa N3: 296.6 square meters. Pool - 24.5 sq.m. Land area: 739 sq.m. under construction

Villa N4: 250.4 sq.m. Pool - 24.5 sq.m. Land area: 745 sq.m. under construction

Villa N5: 271.8 sq.m. Pool - 24.5 sq.m. Land area: 735 sq.m.

From the villas is a wonderful view of the Saguramo nature reserve and the Caucasus.

Price:  $950 per sq.m.