Construction project in Vera District

Apartments, commercial and office spaces are for sale in the construction project at Vera  District.

Date of completion: December 2023

Condition: Green frame 

The building is constructed with high-quality materials observing all seismic stability standards, brick cladding, black aluminium windows, and dark grey tin roofing.

The ceiling height of residential apartments is 3.20 m

The ceiling height of office and commercial spaces is 3.30 m

All apartments are spacious with beautiful views and balconies.

Yard landscaping:

2 trees of Italian pine, 2 trees of Robinia, 2 trees of evergreen oak

With beautiful views and balconies.


Guram Rcheulishvili Street, at the intersection of Gogebshvili Street

5-storey building

1 basement floor

At this stage, there are 3 apartments left

Apartment N5 , 82.4 sq.m(4th floor)  -    2500 $ per sq.m 

Apartment N7,  66.5 sq.m (5 th floor) - 2200 $ per sq.m 

Apartment N8 - 73.1 sq.m  (5 th floor) - 2200 $ per sq.m 

Possible to merge N7 and N8  up to 150 sq.m 

Office and commercial spaces:

Commercial space, entrance from facade - 28.5 sq.m ( 2500 $ per sq.m) 71.250 $ 

Commercial space, entrance from facade - 106 sq.m ( 1750 $ per sq.m)  185.650 $